Our mission

Global PeaceTech Hub, where tech meets governance.

The introduction of new technology represents at the same time a source of competition and conflict and an unexplored venue for cooperation, growth, and peace at the international and transnational levels.

Peace-oriented technologies are becoming an ecosystem, not only an academic discipline, consisting of NGOs, start-ups, and companies. However, they tend to focus on the local level without probing the crucial link between the micro and macro levels.

The deployment of technology for peace entails legal, political, economic, and ethical dilemmas

that transcend national borders and require new models of transnational governance. We address these challenges by providing a novel academic framework centred on the new concept of “Global PeaceTech” which brings together the world of “tech-for-good” and the field of international studies broadly defined as the study of patterns of global change.

Core objectives

Policy debate on technology for peace

Serving as a transnational hub for research and policy debate on technology for peace, linking knowledge and expertise in the public, private and academic sectors

Mapping existing PeaceTech

Mapping existing PeaceTech initiatives related to transformations in conflict prevention, peacebuilding and global diplomacy.

Developing new conceptual tools
Developing new conceptual tools and methods to study PeaceTech, investigating regulatory frameworks and identifying the main actors and technological developments that can affect the outcome of global peace development
Leading the European and global political and academic debate
Leading the European and global political and academic debate on technology for peace through high-level scholarly contributions and high-level policy dialogues.
Nurturing and training young talents
Nurturing and training young talents, leaders, change makers in global peace technology, capable of driving policy innovation and political change across borders.

Our vision

PeaceTech Hub

will help filling a gap at the intersection between peace studies and global governance and promoting policy innovation at the transnational level.

Our ambition is to better understand how new and fast-changing techne affects the polis across borders, highlighting existing practices, and proposing concrete solutions to promote the responsible use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, technical architectures for e-identity, and many more, in support of peace.

We are creating

a platform that brings together academics, practitioners, and stakeholders from the public and private sector, to foster and accelerate theoretical reflection and creative policy thinking on the use of technology to enhance peace and cooperation at the transnational level. This matches the vision of the EUI School of Transnational Governance to become a leading hub for change makers, where high-level academic reflection can be translated into policy practices and good governance for the well-being of our communities around the world.

Artur Kluz

Founding Donor and Venture Capitalist

The Global PeaceTech Hub is supported and has received funding for its foundation from Kluz Ventures a global investment firm offering strategic capital to high-growth technology private and public companies and funds in metaverse, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, future of finance, space, satellites, drones, digital health and advanced medical technologies.

Artur Kluz, founder and CEO of Kluz Ventures, is an ardent believer that breakthrough technologies should be used to improve lives and build peace. Investments in these technologies can promote a global culture of genuine human growth that meets the current and future needs of all people, serving as an inspiration for future generations. Learn more at www.kluzventures.com

Core Partners