Current projects

The introduction of new technology represents at the same time a source of competition and conflict and an unexplored venue for cooperation, growth, and peace at the international and transnational levels.

Peace-oriented technologies are becoming an ecosystem, not only an academic discipline, consisting of NGOs, start-ups, and companies. However, they tend to focus on the local level without probing the crucial link between the micro and macro levels.

Cyber diplomacy and Digital Transformations in the Global South

Coordinator:Andrea Calderaro

Predictive Analytics for Peace

Coordinator:Andrea Renda (EUI)

Peaceful Digital Ecosystems

Coordinator:Kalypso Nicolaïdis (EUI)

Ethics of Human Rights in Tech Governance

Coordinator:Evelyne Tauchnitz (University of Lucerne)

Digital Identities & Blockchain-Tech for Peace

Coordinator:Liav Orgad (EUI)

Mapping PeaceTech w/ NYU The GovLab

Coordinator:Stefaan Verhulst (NYU)

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