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Global PeaceTech Conference 2022

21-22 November 2022
The first Global PeaceTech Conference will bring together experts to discuss how technology can enhance peace at the global level.

How can space technology help build peace in Ukraine and the world?

28 July 2022
Join the fourth PeaceTech Talk to discuss how space technology can become a key factor for global peace and security, rather than a source of conflict

Data for Peace: Unleashing the Power of Data in Humanitarian Response

7 July 2022
This third PeaceTechTalk will address the uses of data in the context of the Ukraine war, especially in support of Ukrainians fleeing outside their country.

Human Rights as Ethical Minimal Standard for Peace in the Digital Age

8 June 2022
Peace, security, and the promotion of human rights are deeply interlinked and mutually reinforcing.
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AI for Peace: Ukrainian refugee matching in Europe

27 April 2022
Join the second PeaceTech Talk to discuss the role of technology in reforming the European asylum policy.

Peace by other means: the role of digital platforms in the war

20 April 2022
Join the first PeaceTech Talk to discuss strategies against disinformation and the use of digital platforms to counter war and build peace.
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Internet Governance Forum 2021

October 2019
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