Designing Tech for Social Cohesion

23-25 February 2023

This conference provides a unique space for tech innovators, Trust & Safety staff, practitioners with community bridge building and global peacebuilding experience.  While there are many other efforts to improve how technology can better serve society, this is a unique effort that brings social cohesion experts and practitioners together with tech companies.

This conference explores a new generation of tech products that offer design affordances and algorithms optimized for prosocial content. Professional development opportunities include:

  • Learn from social cohesion practitioners with decades of experiences working to depolarize groups
  • Be inspired by a new generation of tech platforms designed with algorithms and affordances to help groups find common ground and build empathy
  • Learn metrics for measuring polarization and social cohesion
  • Network with tech innovation teams and experienced community bridge builders and peace builders from around the world

The Global PeaceTech Hub will participate actively to the conference and in particular in the Strategic Planning Rountable on day 3.

For more information and registration please visit the Council on Tech and Social Cohesion website: techandsocialcohesion.org/conference


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