Internet Governance Forum 2022 – Global PeaceTech Atlas presentation

28 November 2022 15.20-16.20 CET

Monday, 28th November, 2022 (15:20 CET) – Monday, 28th November, 2022 (16:20 CET)

Banquet Hall A


Presentation and panel discussion (online/hybrid)

The session will represent the first public launch of the ‘Global PeaceTech Atlas’ a global mapping of PeaceTech topics, initiatives, and case studies. Peace-oriented technologies are becoming an ecosystem, not only an academic discipline, consisting of NGOs, start-ups, and companies. The deployment of technology for peace entails legal, political, economic, and ethical dilemmas that transcend national borders and require new models of transnational governance. Our aim is to study these models, highlight existing practices, and propose concrete solutions to promote the responsible use of technologies such as Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, technical architectures for e-identity, and many more, in support of peace. The initiative is promoted by the Global PeaceTech Hub a platform that brings together academics, practitioners, and stakeholders from the public and private sector, to foster and accelerate policy reflection on the use and regulation of technology to enhance peace and cooperation at the transnational level.

To attend please register through the official IGF platform: https://www.intgovforum.org/en/content/igf-2022-day-0-event-91-global-peace-tech-atlas


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