How can AI be used to improve Ukrainian refugee policy in Europe?

In the second PeaceTech Talk leading experts discussed the potential of AI and matching algorithms in facilitating the management and empower of Ukranian refugees in Europe.   

The conflict in Ukraine represents the first conventional war in which disruptive technologies and digital platforms play a key role. In a series of online talks, the Global Peace Tech Hub invites to discuss the different ways in which digital technologies and technology platforms can contribute to the promotion of peace and build new bridges between citizens in Europe and the world.

This second PeaceTech Talk approaches the topic of the role of technology in reforming the European asylum policy. Matching algorithms in refugee allocation on the private, national, and EU levels is discussed. The panelists present an overview of matching initiatives for Ukrainian refugees by businesses (such as Airbnb), communities (religious, academic, and humanitarian), national platforms (Italy and the United Kingdom’s models), as well as the opportunity and challenges to streamline refugee matching on the EU level.


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