New call for papers addressing emerging themes in Global PeaceTech

As the international community continues to grapple with how to respond to conflicts worldwide, there is growing recognition of the critical role that data and technology can play in fostering peace, and preventing future conflicts. In light of this, we are calling for contributions to a new special collection in our #OpenAccess sister journal Data & Policy at Cambridge University Press & Assessment.


This collection will aim to investigate the ways in which new data sources and technology can support enhancing peace by connecting local and global practices that strive towards social and political peace through the responsible use of frontier technologies. Moreover, we seek to examine how data collection, analysis, and use of data and technology can be designed and implemented in an ethical manner in order to align and combine a holistic vision of peace with respect for human rights, including civil and political rights. Finally, we seek to understand what legal and regulatory tools are necessary to ensure the ethical and responsible use of data and technology for peace.


The papers will provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective on the use of data and technology for building peace, and offer insights and recommendations for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers working in this field. This new editorial initiative will be led by editors Innar LiivStefaan Verhulst, PhDEvelyne TauchnitzMichele Giovanardi and Kalypso Nicolaidis.


Themes addressed will include the following:


  • Novel and Non-Traditional Data Sources for Peacebuilding and Peace
  • Conceptualization of Positive Peace Data
  • Data Collaboratives for Peace: How to support peacebuilding by exchanging data across sectors?
  • Computational methods to measure peace, international relations, and relations between local actors
  • Predictive analytics for Peace
  • Peace Agreements as Data: using technology, analytics, and visualizations to make sense of peace agreements quantitatively and qualitatively to maximize human potential to understand how compromise is reached
  • Investing for Peace: Using technology, data, and algorithms to create transparent instruments to support investing in peace; conceptualizations of tokenization of peace
  • Business for Peace: Novel data sources and methods to understand and reimagine the trade-peace relationship
  • Towards Ethical Design and Implementation of Data-Driven Peace Technology
  • Data asymmetries in the context of peacebuilding
  • ’Low-tech’ vs ‘High-Tech’ Approaches in Data-Driven Peacebuilding
  • Data for migration: tracking data flows, aiding migrants with data
  • Tracking and assessing narratives for peace
  • Monitoring human rights violations at times of conflict using data and technology
  • Ambiguous or ambivalent uses of data and technology for peace, dual-use problematic
  • Ethical and human rights-respecting collection, analysis and use of data and technology for peace
  • Global governance approaches to regulate the use of data and technology for peace
  • Searching for agreement on minimum ethical, legal and regulatory standards for the trustworthy use of data and technology for peace


For more details about how to contribute visit:

Deadline: 2nd October 2023

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