Cyber diplomacy and Digital Transformations in the Global South

Coordinator:Andrea Calderaro

In an era of technological interdependence, international cooperation is taking new and multifaceted forms. Cyber Diplomacy – diplomatic practices that increasingly involve non-traditional sets of actors seeking solutions toward the governing of the cyber domain – offer both opportunities and challenges to the development of coherent and sustainable transnational governance. This research cluster centers on the international politics of Cyber Diplomacy,  including in the realm of cybersecurity and internet governance. Broadening the concept of diplomacy, Cyber Diplomacy entails negotiations of technical protocols, international agreements, legislation, and forms of governance accountability, constantly negotiated by a broad variety of actors, including private actors, non-governmental groups, International Organisations, as well as states. Given the transnational nature of Cyber Diplomacy, the cluster will focus specifically on global hierarchies emerging in this area , and on initiatives that seek to transcend such inequalities.

Cyber Peace: Cooperating for the Stability and Security of the Cyber domain

Internet Diplomacy: Shaping the Global Politics of Cyberspace

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